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Police are not Government: Running Notes: 6:45 



Before attempting this –
(a)  make sure you “know your stuff”, and
(b)  make sure you are not holding any of ‘their’ “Joker Cards”       e.g. surname, any licenses, any registrations, bank accounts,              “on the gov’t. tit” (Centrelink and/or other gov’t benefits)              Medicare Card, Electoral Roll – and so the list goes on and on.
0:10  “They are a non organisation registered on DUNN &           BRADSTREET as a private foreign commercial operation,           profiting on public lands.”
======DUNN & BRADSTREET Document(may not transfer to ” pdf “)



0:23  What a balmy winter’s afternoon for a bike-ride in Cairns,          in tropical far north Queensland Australia) Lat. 17* South
0:33  What’s this I espy?  “P.C.Plod” is illegally parked?.
          But wait, everything Qld Police does is for “Road Safety”
0:53  I’ll just park the bike safely over here and ‘go and investigate’
1:05  Parked in the shadows, with the camoflage paint-job and         the afternoon sun in your eyes – very hard to see.
1:33  P.C.Plod believes he is exempt from the Queensland Traffic         Acts, Codes, etc., however, he is not exempt from the         “Criminal Code 1899”s 328A – Dangerous operation of a vehicle            which is a Criminal Offence 
s 200Refusal by public officer to perform duty
s 204 Disobedience to statute law
1:36  and so the dialogue begins
1:53  “Reason to park illegally: to complete paperwork”
2:03  State your Name and Number please         


637 Supplying police officer’s details

2:11  Go and park somewhere else
2:16  “527-XLW”          [ should P.C.Plod decline/refuse to give up his name and            details, simply take down the registration number of the            vehicle, as he had to ‘sign it out to use it’. ]

Less serious complaints

If a police officer has been slow in responding to your call,

rude to you, or has failed to identify himself/herself, you should:


02:20  car is registered as commercial
02:23  got an A.B.N. but you’re registered as a “non-organisation”

02:38   You’re not even a police officer

02:44  You’re illegally parked

02:57  Cnr Quarry St and Aeroglen Rd Aeroglen Cairns Q’ld. 

03:00  Parked too close to the corner, too far from the gutter.

03:10  Are you from Traffic Branch?

03:17  wind your window down a bit so I can here you

03:20  Come on, be civil

03:25  you go park somewhere right

03:28  don’t park illegally

03:31  Do you want my name?

03:35  I’ll give you my name, then we’re contracting

03:39  Mate, you better move on, eh

03:46  Come on man, move on, you go park legally

03:49  You got plenty of time to do that, you work for us, come on

03:55  Oi, you do as you’re told, this is commercial, you think you’re 
            running a commercial operation here, it’s a commercial

04:02  [ Door opens ]

04:07  Yes, you’ve got it, I will move on

04:10  [ P.C.Plod exits car ]

======Now P.C.Plod should have his regulation headwear on – Go to “Chapter 12 Code of dress and appearence
12.2 When to wear prescribed headdress POLICY Uniformed employees should wear the prescribed headdress at all times when on duty and in view of the general public unless: (i) in a police establishment; (ii) indoors and not in the view of the general public e.g. a private residence; (iii) travelling in a motor vehicle; (iv) travelling on public transport; (v) wearing of headdress is not practical due to environmental or operational considerations; or (vi) prior approval has been obtained from a commissioned officer, executive director or director       (or their delegate).
Now how can P.C.Plod ‘stand under The Crown’ when he is not wearing “The Queen’s Tunic”(not wearing the prescribed headdress – the regulation hat with The Crown on it? = out of uniform)
12.6 Reflectorised safety vests ORDER 
Officers are to wear Service issue reflectorised safety vests at all times when performingin or adjacent to traffic, in accordance with s. 3.2.5: ‘Officer safety at static interception sites’ of the Traffic Manual. 
Officers are not to wear damaged or unserviceable vests. 
POLICY Officers are not to wear award ribbons or medals on reflectorised vests. 

3.2.5 Officer safety at static interception sitesPOLICY 
Officer safety at static interception sites is paramount. The officer in charge of a static interception site is to ensure that officers use Service approved safety equipment (both personal and station/establishment issue) whilst performing duties at a static interception site. 
Reflectorised safety vests 
Officers are to wear reflectorised safety vests at all times whilst performing duties in or adjacent to traffic, including work sites, in quarries or on construction haul roads. Exemptions to this requirement are permitted under emergent situations or whereofficers reasonably consider that tactical safety would be compromised by wearing a reflectorised safety vest.  
Now P.C. Plod, not wearing a reflectorised vest is also a very serious WorkplaceHealth and Safety breach. What makes you, P.C. Plod, exempt from that legislation (and your own guidelines?)

04:11  What? are you doing something business? You can park over there

04:14  [ P.C. Plod ] “I’m parking here. OK”

04:18  [ P.C. Plod ] “Please move away from the vehicle, you’re
                                   hindering me from doing my job”

04:22  You’re not doing your job properly

04:24  you’re illegally parked, you’re commercial

04:26  Don’t step up to me, I’ve stepped away from you.
 This is one of the many ‘ploys’ they use, they keep stepping up to you
 until they bump you, then they cry “Assault” and next thing you know,
you are down on the ground with handcuffs on.

04:29 [ P.C. Plod ] I don’t want to get into an argument with you

04:31  You already have, you are illegally parked.

04:35  Well go park properly, you are a commercial operation
             you are commercially registered. You are not government.

04:41  [ P.C. Plod back in car ]

04:42  Is that an order? Is that an order? Is that an order?

Always ask three (3) times. Should it be an order, you are quite within
your rights to charge them
04:50  Yeah, move on, that’s an order

04:53  Romley Stewart [ “123456789” is Born (Foundation) Document Number ]

04:56 That’s an order, move on (been given the direction 3 times)

05:00  “Their authority only extends to UNITED-STATES Citizens
              of the District of Columbia. Not to an Australian National
              or any national of any country.” 

05:12  “A Citizen of the COMMONWEALTH-OF-AUSTRALIA corporation
              is a foreign UNITED-STATES citizen of the District of Columbia”

05:14  P.C. Plod drives off

05:20  “The MOVE-ON-AUTHORITY derived from the primary document
              number denoting public authority over foreign commercial
              operations on public highways and lands.”

05:40  P.C. Plod’s car registered as ‘Commercial’, (not government)

05:45  UNIDROIT Treaty signed without a referendum

05:53  Liberals and Fraser remained silent

06:00  “Who sold us out ???”

06:06  “They represent a foreign private contracting fraudulent
              commercial administration without proclamation or 
              valid consent.”

06:17   “Police are not Government!
               The COMMONWEALTH-OF-AUSTRALIA is a foreign private
                US “administration” company of the UNITED-STATES,
                WASHINGTON, District of Columbia,

06:28  End Credits

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much brother for your work! I would love to do an interview with you and pick your brain. I have been exposing the very same issues you address as wel LBJ and would be honored to talk with you! Check out my site: DAVENACODEX.COM

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